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Featured Wedding Caterer: Ice Cream Rollery’s Rolled Ice Cream

Nutella rolled up with strawberries and bananas or a swirl of caramel, brownies and pecans, basically any sweet creamy combination you dream up, can be brought to life by the artists at Ice Cream Rollery in Columbus, OH. Eight different flavor bases and over 30 toppings make up this endlessly customizable rolled ice cream menu. The Ice Cream Rollery can come straight to your wedding or event!

strawberry rolled ice cream

Fun Alternative to the Reception Dessert Table

Imagine a live ice cream show entertaining and tickling the taste buds of your wedding guests. Each person can select their perfect flavor combination and watch the magic happen as gourmet ingredients are transformed into delightful ice cream rolls right in front of their eyes, in under two minutes! But just HOW are these whimsical Thai inspired ice cream rolls made?

“Our signature rolls are created by pouring a premium liquid ice cream base on a cold plate that reaches -20 degrees. The ice cream base along with your choice of toppings are then smashed, chopped, and spread into a thin layer. Once the ice cream firms up, a scraper is used to roll the ice cream into delicious ice cream rolls.”

rolled oreo ice cream

Allergy Friendly Options to Make Everyone Happy

Rolled ice cream catering is available to crowds small and large serving all the way up to 300 people. Several packages are available to fit any budget and each one includes setup, transportation, and live onsite ice cream rolling service up to three hours. For allergen conscious friends, the rollery offers a vegan ice cream base and almost all of their toppings are gluten-free.

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rolled ice cream with whipped cream